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I think it's time to make a pinned post, because lately I got so many friend request.
I don't have any particular rules but I hope everyone understand the general rules.

General rules:
1. Do not repost on streaming sites/other website
2. Do not hotlinking/redistribute links, please refer to this LJ instead.

Friend request:
1. You are an LJ user
2. You have at least 1 public post that write something about Johnny's group or J&A in general.
3. Understand the general rules

KinKi Kids
Johnny's WEST
Kansai Johnny's Jr.

Update June 2021

Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you are well.

I've been on hiatus in Johnny's fandom since 2020 I guess? Though I'm still following their news in some SNS, to be honest I didn't really watch their shows, concert or even listening to their song during my hiatus. Well, just sometimes when it's really interesting tho, I ended up watching and listening.

Well, many big things happened since back then, bad and sad news was here and there in every part of Johnny's, but we knew that nothing could stop it so in the end we could only watch and pray it doesn't get worsen. However, if we look more at the positive perspective, some good news also there; like some new debuted group (Snow Man and SixTones) and some new Jr. units/group. Johnny's started to open to SNS also, trying to grasp the life of the Internet... something we, the old fans, didn't expect it to happen. 

Little by little they're changing, and the world is also changing... with all of this pandemic and new life style... 

Everything is changing, what remains unchanged?

But anyway!

I decided to come back to Johnny's fandom because now I'm into Ae!Group and Naniwa Danshi. You know my root: KinKi Kids, Kanjani8 and Johnny's WEST, so it's not that surprising if I like the rest of the "Kansai Johnny's".



All my files on mega were deleted by mega back then when they change their policy, so I'll try to renew the link if I can. If you still have a problem with it, let me know by commenting on this post. 

Also, I just realized that there are plenty of people who added me as friends, I tried my best to add you back, if you haven't been added, let me know here on the comment section too.

I think that's all from me, stay safe and keep healthy friends!


[Review] Koshotengai no Hashihime (古書店街の橋姫) [BL Game R-18]


Original Title:古書店街の橋姫
Romaji title: Koshotengai no Hashihime
English title: Hashihime of the Old Book Town
Rating: R-18
Developer: Adelta
Publishers: Adelta, Dramatic Create
Language: Japanese
Release date: 13/08/2016
Info : Official Site | vndb

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That's all from me, thanks for reading my weird review.
Anw, I still can't move on from Minakami. Thanks.


2017 December Update

How are you?

It's been a while since the last time I posted something on this journal.
I checked my inbox and it was full of notification. Oh God... I'm so sorry.
I am sorry for those who added me, I didn't have much time to check the notification and add you all back. Please let me know if you are not yet getting added back by me. Let me know in the comment section or send me a message, okay?
And for those who sent me messages, I'll try to reply them immediately. If you do not recieve any messages yet from me, please send it again because I'm afraid that all the message might (accidentally) had been erased. I open my Journal only on weekends, so please, be patient.

[Translation] If Johnny's Become RPG-Game! (Girls Channel)

Actually this was a thread in February and I already translated half of it before. I was expecting it will be translated and published in Minus Kakugo but unfortunately it's not. Maybe it's because this is not an important thread (lol)... or the translator just wanted to pick up another interesting and important threads rather than this one. But I did still hope they would translate it. I waited one month but still no translation in the blogspot, so I made up my mind that I will post my translation here.

This is a funny thread I think, since I'm a biggest fan of RPG. Really. And if you likes RPG too, this will be really amusing~! ^w^)/
Now, grab your chips and enjoy the talk from the fans if Johnny's was a RPG Game! (lol) You can use this as your fanfic material or something to imagine, it's totally cool!

If Johnny's Become RPG-Game!

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Sorry for bothering you with this post (lol)
I feel so bad posting this kind of thing since my gamer side will come up to the surface :"D
Have a good day~